Terms and conditions

Terms of trade and donations
Via www.caremaker.com, CAREMAKER provides a fundraising platform for the creation of public fundraisers, charity organizations, and private charity objectives. The homepage is owned and operated by Caremaker ApS. Fundraising via CAREMAKER is for the benefit of the charity organization or private charity objective for which the fundraiser is raising money. The fundraising is carried out in accordance with the terms of trade and donations below. Donators and fundraisers are both encouraged to read these carefully. In case of further questions or any need for elaborations on the terms of trade and donations please contact us at [email protected]

Fundraising and donation
At www.caremaker.com many people have chosen to create a fundraising to raise money for a charity organization or a private charity objective. All fundraisings for and made in cooperation with charity organizations, that CAREMAKER works with, are public fundraisings. Public fundraisings raise money for the benefit of a charity organization. All fundraisings that do not raise money for one of CAREMAKER’s listed partners are considered private fundraisings. Hence, private fundraisings are made for the benefit of a private charity objective or a charity organization which is not a cooperating organization. In the event a fundraiser chooses to raise money for a charity organization via a private fundraising, it is required that the provided bank registration and account number match those informed by the charity organization. CAREMAKER reserves the right to change the bank registration and account number if they do not match the ones informed by the  charity organization. In this way, the raised funds will always be directly transferred to the charity organization. CAREMAKER cannot change the charity organization or the objective of the fundraising. Hence, as a donator you are ensured that your donation reaches the organization or objective stated. All fundraisings created via www.caremaker.com must be for the benefit of legal objectives Fundraisings contrary to this will be excluded. See below.

Service fee and payment fee
CAREMAKER imposes a service fee of 12.5% of the raised amount which covers maintenance and further development of the fundraising platform, marketing of the website, and performance of customer service.

The donation amount will be debited 10 working days after approval by the donator. Based upon bank statements and transaction history in CAREMAKER’s system, reports and account settlements will be made with the charity organization or the private charity objective that the donation is made for. In connection with the payout to the charity organization or the private charity objective CAREMAKER charge a payout fee of EUR 10, which is deducted the raised amaount. This is a fully transparent process controlled and revised by an external auditor, currently Beierholm.

Credit and debit cards
It is possible to use all types of VISA and MASTERCARD, as well as MAESTRO and EUROCARD.

CAREMAKER payment security
The payment system at www.caremaker.com is provided by Altapay. Credit and debit card data are handled by this provider, which is one of the leading providers of online payment services. The payment system at www.caremaker.com abides by PCI-standards, and all transactions concerning money and credit/debit card data are encrypted. Upon completion, the donation is considered final, unless the donator within 14 days utilizes his right of cancellation, or the donator’s credit/debit card has been used fraudulently. If the donator’s credit/debit card has been used fraudulently the donator  must immediately contact the provider of the credit/debit card. If a credit/debit card payment has been made because of technical error, CAREMAKER can cancel the payment if possible timewise. If the cancellation is not possible, a credit transfer will be made. If this is not possible either, CAREMAKER will contact the bank. When donations are paid via CAREMAKER, CAREMAKER  answers for all justified objections.

Personal information and registration policy
When a fundraising  is created or an amount is donated the fundraiser/donator accepts that CAREMAKER may pass on  the fundraier’s/donator’s information to  the chosen charity organization or the private charity objective. Donators to charity organizations further accept that the charity organization may provide the tax authorities with the donator’s  information  for the purpose of tax refund for the donator in respect of the donation amount. Donators to private fundraisings  further accept that  CAREMAKER may provide the donator’s name to the fundraiser in order to confirm the relationship between the two. When fundraisers and donators register information, including personal information, at CAREMAKER, this information is solely used for the purpose of processing the fundraising  or donation. Information given to CAREMAKER will not be given or sold to third party unless the fundraiser/donator has explicitly given their consent. Information will be saved for an unknown period, as long as CAREMAKER has legitimate reason to do so. The information is also used for CAREMAKER’s accounting purposes. CAREMAKER uses cookies when donations are made via CAREMAKER. A cookie is an ID that can be compared in a database to recognize the donator. The information is used so the donator does not have to type all his/her information every time the donator wants to donate via CAREMAKER. Donators can at any time delete these cookies in his/her internet settings. Furthermore, donators can at any time have CAREMAKER provide them with exactly what information CAREMAKER has registered on them.

"CARE with Time"
When a user uses the function "CARE with Time" the user will earn money for fundraising by performing tasks such as filling in questionnaires, participation in competitions, registration, etc., which is made by a campaign provider. The campaign provider will donate the amount which the user's contribution is informed to amount to - less an administration fee of 8.75% of the total amount raised - to the fundraising in question, and the user cannot change the size of the donation amount. The user can perform several tasks in favour of the same fundraising, however, the user cannot perform the same task twice. The donation amount will become registered on the fundraising in question as soon as confirmation has been received from the campaign provider, upon which the user's name will appear on the list of CAREMAKERs. A user is liable for the correctness of the information which the user gives to the individual campaign providers. CAREMAKER has no access to the information, including personal information which the user gives to the individual campaign providers, hence, CAREMAKER is not responsible for the storage and the utilization of this information.Before a user commences a task, the user types his/her name, e-mail address and sex, and informs whether the user is more than 18 years of age. Name and e-mail address are registered so that the user on the list of CAREMAKERS can become credited for his/her time donation. Sex and age are registered in order to ensure that the user is only given tasks that are relevant to the user. Hence, CAREMAKER only uses this information so that CAREMAKER can handle the user's time donation. The information is not passed on or sold to third party unless the user has explicitly consented to this. The information is stored for indefinite time, as long as CAREMAKER has an objective reason to do so. The information is also used for CAREMAKER's bookkeeping.

Limited responsibility
CAREMAKER does not have the capacity or ability to inspect and survey how the charity organizations or the private charity objectives use the donations. Thus, CAREMAKER cannot be held liable for any direct or indirct losses as a consequence of using  www.caremaker.com. Donators are advised only to donate to a charity organization or private charity objective in which they trust.It is the individual fundraiser’s and donator’s responsibility that fundraisings and donations take place pursuant to legislation in the country in which the fundraising is made. Hence, CAREMAKER is not responsible for fundraisers’ and donators’ contraventions, if any, in the country in which the fundraising is made.

The name CAREMAKER, its logo, and the domain www.caremaker.com are the property of Caremaker ApS and are not to be used by others without written  consent from Caremaker ApS.

All contents at www.caremaker.com is the property of Caremaker ApS and may not be used or copied without consent from Caremaker ApS.

Exclusion from fundraising
CAREMAKER reserves the right to exclude any fundraising, and in return pay back donations to donators.Reporting of private fundraisingThe user is at all times liable for reporting the money raised via private fundraising to the tax authorities, provided this required.

CAREMAKER reserves the right for typing errors and misspellings, changes in fees and currencies, technical errors, and image errors at www.caremaker.com.

Applicable law and jurisdiction
These terms of trade and donations are subject to Danish law. Jurisdiction in respect of consumer matters shall be the City Court of Aalborg or the home court of CAREMAKER’s lawyer.