Youth Convention in Nigeria
I, District Elder Godwin C. Ozemoje will be hosting over 600 youths at Ilaro in Ogun State of Nigeria. It is a yearly youth convention for 15 districts of the New Apostolic Church international in Nigeria.



The Youths of our church in Western Nigeria (New Apostolic Church International) meet yearly to advance their knowledge in evangelism and skills acquisition. The last Convention was at Ibadan in Oyo State of Nigeria and it was sponsored by the church. This was in 2015. It was the turn of Ota District in 2016 but it could not hold because there were no sponsors. It had to be painfully postponed to August 2017 and still there are no sponsors due to the economic conditions of our country Nigeria with very high youth unemployment. Instead of at least 75 Youths per District, their leaders are able to sponsor less than 25. Some Districts are not even able to sponsor any youth. This is very far from expectation as many Youths that have been looking forward to it would be greatly disappointed. This saddens my heart.

The objective of the convention is to groom vibrant youths that would impact positively on their communities physically and spiritually for a better society. The program has both spiritual and physical parts. Skill acquisition and vocational training top the agenda. It is also meant to create harmony and peace amongst our youths in the South Western Nigeria similar to the European Youth Conventions held yearly also.

I am District Elder Godwin Chris Ozemoje ordained as a Priest on the 22nd of November 1990 and District Leader of Ota District in Ogun State since year 2000. My District is hosting if we can be funded. Our requirements are

Accommodation: $1500

Feeding for three days at $2 per meal (6 meals for 600) $7200

Entertainment at $2 per participant: $1200

Logistics: $1000.

Total $10900

The entire Youth in the Fifteen Districts would be eternally grateful to sponsors of this year's meeting and their collective prayers would avail much.

Kindly help us to spread this appeal to your your friends and family, coworkers?, Organizations and clubs that love youth development and are ready to help in the work of God to help us make this year a reality. The Good GOD would bless you and replenish the source of your donation and grant you His Divine Mercy in the Mighty name of JESUS CHRIST, Amen The youth Convention is scheduled for the second week end in August 2017. We would welcome your presence at the event. Simply indicate interest by contacting me and we will arrange to have you with us. Security is guaranteed by the Nigeria Police and the civil defence corp.





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