wash program for rural area
Existing practices and innovation: In Our biggest city of Pakistan, In the industrial background, its ground water almost 100% polluted unhygienic.


It is comprises of impurities like poisonous chemical ingredients, Almost every 4th citizen of Pakistan diagnosed as carrying the virus hepatitis B, due to this single factor. In the context of availability clean drinking water at school, a majority of school lack modern facilities of hygienic water. Water is still supplied by means of orthodox methods like water tabs and modern pumps even in the heart of the city. Recent research studies show that sewerage water is found to be mixed in drinking water at some places.

In this background, we face two challenges that need to be addressed on parallel planes:

How to make children and their parents aware of the fatal impacts polluted water upon their health. Health and to educate them how to adopt the most innovative techniques pure drinking water.
How to evolve and implement innovative methods and introduce or defused the latest technology to serve the purpose.
In order to address this issue, we proposed to adopt and diffuse the most innovative technology like installation of water filtration plants at schools level. Our relation for adoption of this invocation is on the following grounds:

Following the installation these plants very freshness, taste and hygienic of quality water will be enough for children, parents and teachers to leave other sources of water. While at their homes, the children will insist on fresh drinking water. 
The interaction of parent teacher committee will be helpful in the transforming existing practice.
The increasing popularity of this innovation will address gaps, and help to complement to other initiative taken in this direction.


We are going to organize among the students as well as the young generation who will diffuse this innovation not only unit level but also in the surrounding areas. These groups will be given sufficient support by our NGO regarding this exercise. A parent-teacher committee will also supervise the activities of these groups.

Planned Activities:

It will consist of orientation sessions, interviews, seminars and workshops. 
Painting compilation regarding bad effects of use of polluted water as well as benefits of clean water will be organized among school children.
Paining exhibition will be organized to highlight the importance clean water.
Booklets and pamphlets will be published and distributed among students and people to give them awareness.
Annual water day will be celebrated at school level.
Awareness campaign will be conducted by installing flex boards and banners on the main entrances of the schools.
Special events will be organized in schools to highlight the issue.
An SMS campaign will be conducted to give parents awareness of important of clean drinking water.


Team capacity, partnership and cooperation

Lagan Foundation  is implementing this project in collaboration with other stake holders. We have a long standing partnership with “AQUA SEP”, a reendowed engineering company which has a vast experience in installation and maintenance of world top brands of water filtration plants. 

A parents-teacher committee has been made for the purpose of teaching the students how to use the service properly. The BHF has also formed a monitoring committee to supervise the overall affairs regarding the security, safety and maintenance etc….