To eradicate crovid 19 from india.
To need immediate fund to eradicate crovid 19 in India

Problem Statement:


     The world health organization has declared that the corona virus is a world pandemic. Most of the world population has affected by this virus. The India is facing a public health crisis, we want help the people in this unprecedented situation. PASS sustain our mission during the corono virus pandemic. The virus is rapidly spread. In India, the cricket matches were postponed, the school for kinder garden and primary has been closed. The  malls , theatres and public places have been banned.  The people are advised to avoid being mob. The government has announced that the corona virus pandemic as a National disaster. Our state government is taking initiatives to prevent the virus spreading.

.In our project area, the villages have no proper health facilities.  Most of the people are uneducated.    In Tamil nadu we are working with dalit, Dalit christians and tribal people. This community was derived to get equal rights on education, health employment and livelihood. They easily become victims of this pandemic due to their illiterate status.
We deiced to rescue our district people by giving awareness about corona virus pandemic 
especially the spreading and prevention methods.

We have the resources like:

1. Medical facilities (Testing)

 2. PHC doctors

3. Health directors and 
government officials support

 4. Paramedical students (Volunteers)

 5. We have a remedy to treat the people by giving guidance

 Project Implementation:

Our ultimate goal in the project is to prevent our 
district people from the corona virus pandemic


8. Objectives:

1. To teach the cleanliness methods to the community

2. To implement the prevention methods

3. To establish a curative methods to the community

4. To eradicate the corona virus in our District

5. To lead the community as corona virus less community  


9. Activities:

1. Establish a mobile care unit.
2. Reach the remote areas.
3. To implement the prevention method.
4. To rescue the life of people from the corona virus.
5. Give awareness on corona virus issues by meeting, seminars and public 
6. Give General Preventative Measures against 
corona virus and mass cleaning 

7. Distribution of mask and sanitizer for prevention of corona virus.


1. The valuable life of the underserved community must be rescued.
2. 90% of health problem (corona virus) will be rescued by our mobile 
3. The community feels better to consume medical facilities in their door 
4. The neglected community will be get awareness on corona virus and rescue 
5. The Communicable pandemic diseases will be reduced.

 Total project cost: 6300 USD

 Grant requested from Donor: 4500 USD

PASS is a non profit entity , whch is eligible to recieve funds from foreign .






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