Support kids affected by cancer
Team Rynkeby Aalborg is one of the 17 17 Team Rynkeby-Teams, that bikes to Paris in order to raise funds for kids affected by cancer. Help support the kids.. they truly need it..
Team Rynkeby is the biggest charity cycling team in Scandinavia. Each year we bike to paris in order to raise funds for Børnecancerfonden in Denmark and Barncancerfonden in Sweden. In 2012 the team consists of 790 cyclist og 170 helpers divided into 13 danish teams and 4 swedish – one of those teams is our local team, Team Rynkeby Aalborg.

Team Rynkeby Aalborg consists of 59 men og women, who work hard most of the year to raise funds for the kids cancer association. We cover our own expenses so that all of the raised funds goes to the kids. Team Rynkebys expenses for administration is as little as 15% which is fully worthwhile considering the exposure the kids cancer associaton gets.

The raised funds will be used to cover research projects, information campaigns and support for the patients.

In the video you can see one of the leading Danish cancer experts, professor Kjeld Schmiegelow, tell about why the work they do in the kids cancer association is so important.

Every donation counts. thanks for helping us, helping them!