Stay united and help each other!
Fundraising for food supplies for the needy and protective equipment for social workers.

In this difficult time, when the coronavirus epidemic flares up in the world, we decided to organize a fundraiser that will be aimed at supporting social workers, volunteers and people in need.

Even with a small donation, you will contribute to the purchase of the necessary materials and equipment:

- Overalls and personal protective equipment for social workers and volunteers;

- monitoring and telemetry systems;

- the purchase and formation of packages of assistance to those in need (old people, homeless people, people who have no one left, large families).

Social workers and volunteers are making an invaluable contribution to the fight against the virus. They, sometimes, directly interact with people infected with the virus and people at risk. And given this, they are in dire need of remedies to combat this terrible disease!

Also, taking into account the acute economic situation around the world and the lack of funds for people, we form assistance packages for all those in need (old people, the homeless, people who have no one left, large families), which include food, personal protective equipment, and hygiene products.

Thank you for contributing to saving people during this difficult time!

Let's fight coronavirus together!