'Robbie's KLB' Campaign
'Robbie's KLB' Campaign - Kicking Leukaemia's Butt!'
Robbie Daly, along with his twin sister Sarah, is a grade 7 student at CIS (Copenhagen International School). Over the Christmas holidays Robbie was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) while visiting family in South Africa. He is now back in Denmark receiving ongoing treatment and battling bravely against this disease. Robbie would like to support any CIS fundraising efforts to raise money for the Red Cross Hospital Oncology unit in Cape Town, where he was first treated. They rely heavily on donations to provide excellent care for children with cancer from every social background. Please help us to raise money by making a donation. We call this our 'Robbie's KLB' campaign - Kicking Leukaemia's butt!’