Road accident with car

I will tell you my story, you will tell me what you think.

On October 5, 2016 around 1:05 pm on leaving the school to eat at my house, I crossed the road on a pedestrian crossing like every day. When I was in the middle of the passage, a car arrived very quickly towards me, I tried to avoid it, I wanted to run as fast as possible, I heard the car braked but it crashed me anyway . She touched my left calf and projected me to the sidewalk, of course I tapped my head first. I lost consciousness and when I woke up, I bled much especially on the face and much inside the mouth. I did not understand, I was afraid, I was lost, I even spat out a tooth that was one of the most visible. The person who had hit me with his car was on the phone, other people were taking care of me. My college had called the firemen, they arrived quickly.