I need sponsorship or financial support to enable go to school and educate myself and to break from the chain of poverty

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I am happy to get to know about this platform and I sincerely appreciate the leadership and membership (i.e. Donors and Contributors) of this platform for working to give some of us hope and opportunity to make a difference in life, even when “we” are about giving up.

My name is Joy Audu from Nigeria. My brother Suyum introduced me to this platform and I am thrilled in Joy and hope for getting to know about the platform.

I am a poor, hopeless and helpless young lady with painful experiences in life. I consider sound education as the only way out of my destitute. Unfortunately, poverty has denied me access to education, and has no one around me who is willing and able to help me.

I have done all I can – the business of frying and selling pancake, just only to improve on my standard of living but I am still a failure.

I completed my secondary school nine (9) years ago, i.e. 2011, and I really want to be educated. I want to study nursing at the University of Jos, Nigeria, but poverty is my enemy.

This is why I have decided to register with Caretaker to enable me to raise money for my undergraduate studies – Nursing – 4years with a total cost of N500,000 an equivalent of €1,204. This covers tuition, maintenance, books and miscellaneous.

Please and please, I NEED your support to enable be educated and break from the chain of poverty.

Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you for your gracious and prompt response.

Yours sincerely,

Joy Audu


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