Memorial fund - René Brink Jakobsen
The purpose of the campaign is to establish a memorial fund, which in the memory of René should be used for great experiences for his kids in the future..
First of all - THANK YOU! - To all of you for all your support during the last week after René passed away. We have received flowers, food and other heartwarming gifts - we are so appreciative.

A lot of you guys has asked for the opportunity to give a little donation of some sort. In order to reach out to you we have now created this campaign.
The raised funds will be used to give the kids small and memorable family experiences. It could be a trip to the local theme park, the cinema or other small field trips.

If you wish to support the establishment of this memorial fund, you should press the blue care with button where you can use your creditcard.

Once again thank you for the massice and heartwarming support you have shown us in these hard times.
/The Family