Micro Garden To Support- Food Shortage
During this period of COVID-19 pandemic it's anticipated that most food growers are also at risk but need urgent help to grow fast growing food that is nutritious, for example Foods that maintain or boost the immune system

Am Vincent Atitwa from Kenya , a sesoned farmer with intrest in supporting my community .

In Kenya and across the globe , The COVID-19 is here with us and we are not sure when its going away nor the period it will last, another virus, and the worst yet to come ,Now with a pandemic ravaging the world and hitting hardest those countries that normally come to Africa’s aid, and threatening their economies as well, Truly speaking Kenya has to get its act together or look elsewhere. What the coronavirus has done, just like Ebola in West African countries a few years ago, is to expose the social inequalities , weak healthcare systems, and a lack of basic services for a significant portion of the population. While the majority of the poor have been denied water and basic sanitation, and given the way this virus spreads, how will we ensure the poor can take care of themselves . Being poor also means that many households are food insecure and poor . We keep saying a strong immune system will ensure the virus keeps a distance from you. There is no way of building a strong immunity other than through good nutrition, derived from a diverse diet which can be achieved through fast growing foods rich in micronutrients .


Itemized Budget
Cost of line
item in US
Item/Cost name or type
$ 200 Purchase 20 special sack gardens @ $10 -To distribute to
$300 Purchase 60 kilos of different seeds ,nuts ,beans and
vegetables/tomatoes @ 5
$ 300 purchase of 2 buffalo bicycles @ 150
$50 purchase airtime /bundles for communication with farmers
$100 purchase protective gears ,reusable gloves and head masks for
project participants
$50 Purchase ,soap , and ethanol materials used in making
additional sanitizers
First, we are targeting to support 20 poor farmers with at least 5 members each
and who are producing food to eat on daily basis and share with other community
members who are hungry and malnourished . Food security is our priority number
one and making more farmers to become more resilient during this period ,It's
anticipated that we are likely to experience food shortage in the coming months
which might affect majority poor . We have already identified poor farmers and
those households lead by young people and those homes with elderly people
about 20 of them who will be supplied with micro gardens and farm inputs such as
certified planting seeds of fast growing crops including ,cow peas ,french beans ,
nuts and green vegetables /tomatoes . Second we need to cushion and support
elderly and sickly people especially through collecting medicines from local
chemists as instructed by doctors or health facilities and deliver to them . Still old
people will be supported by volunteers in delivering to them food supplies either
from, shops , friends ,family /relatives leaving at a distance .
In these exceptional times, we face ever evolving conditions

Donations can made through paypal account - [email protected]