iEDUCATION FOR ALLI Iam raising fund
am ronald kato fundraiser working with ngo where i work as a team leader. ibeen engaged in development work for the last 17 years rasing funds for water projets in mpigi district .and i have netted european union best practice award in 2006 and received global giving badge in 2016 and 2019 for recoginition and i have contributed global effort tthrough provision of clean waterand other development prject allign with ssustainable delvellopment goals

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Early November 2019 wider Mpigi experienced a very big number of less preveledged children some of these children have been neglected by their parents while others there parents are chlonically sick and extremely poor to an extent of not being in position of not meeting their childrens acess to education. 31% of the children between the age of 3-13 are orphans who lost both of their parents as a result of accident , murder,HIV/AIDs and other diseases only 3% live in relatively comfortable life with their guardians. The research was done in three districts Butambala, Gomba and Mpigi. With the help of local leaders we identified a total of 100 children. To start with giving them schoolastic materials and sponcership Program to solicit suport towards education and the well being of these children from their homes. 

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The compaign is targeting children who dont go to school  due to luck of schoolastic materials and other essential needs in their life. And this compaign Education for all is targeting all children to go school.yet if they get the requirements they will make it and reduce to high illetreracy level in the community so any donation can bring posittive change to a childs life. 


Please donate generaously to these future leaders of tomorrow who will change the world in the next millenium.



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Am currently seeking funding to take care of 100 children who stay in diffrent homes where they normally come from to go to school. they luck books pencils ,bedings like a mattress, mosquito nets,and food for study.


People of good heart you can donate little by little makes a bundle and these children have a daily prayer playing for everybody who donates towads their cause to continue earning and to live longer.You can channel through care maker, share tools



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