Help 40 deaf kids in Kampalas slum
40 deaf kids lives on a school run by Boanerges Deaf Initiative i Ugandas capital, Kampala. Their needs are small but the funds for food, water, clothes shoe and education are even smaller. With a little donation you can make a huge difference..
My friend Vickcie lives and works right now in Kawempe, a part of the city in ugandas capital Kampala - a slum. In march i visited the school for deaf children, where Vickie works and it didnt take me long before i realised that i had to do something to support them in their struggle to keep the school running. This campaign is that "something". I hope that you will support it in whatever way you find reasonable.

The School is a part of Boanerges Deaf Initiative. A lot of the 40 kids who right now lives on the tiny school has been abandoned by their families. The founder Joel started Boanerges after witnessing the local police beating up his 13 year old deaf little brother and setting ham a fire in the middle of the street only because he couldnt communicate with them. That was in 2006.
Helt ærligt; den mand og de børn, han kan give bare en smule medvind i livet, fortjener fandeme al den støtte, vi kan give! Pardon my french.

Joel tells, that water and food costs 4 USD a day per kid, but that the expenses with maintaining the schools buildings and buying clothes for the kids makes it very har to keep the school running. Help from the outside world is essential for its survival.

Call Rasmus on +4526292126, if you have any questions about the campaign.