Help us get to our fatherland
Help us get to our fatherland


Afghanistan is a country with beautiful scenery and rich culture, which has unfortunately been overshadowed by negative images we see in the media. 

Over the past few month my siblings and I have managed to save some money which we would like to spend on clothes, shoes, food, toys, medicine and school supplies for some poor families in Afghanistan.

The costs are unfortunately very high and if we can't get some help we will most likely not able to get there this year (which we have planned to do) and help these families with the money we have saved.

The amount of money we have for the families are not some we will use on our expenses therefor we need help from you guys, Insha'Allah.


It will cost us approx £2000 for flight tickets, hotel, food, taxi and visa.

We have already £800 so we need help with the last £1200


Donate now, even £5 will help us a lot - If you can't donate please share this to others. 

Sidenote: As you might know being a full time student and at the same time having the ability to work can be hard, and therefor we are unable to have the amount of money that is required. We hope that you guys can help us.


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