Help Anja fight cancer – It's urgent!
The world’s best mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and woman is attacked by a vicious, aggressive cancer. We are fundraising to secure life extending treatment as a supplement to the treatment she is already receiving.

38-year-old Anja lives in a small town called Hedehusene with her New Zealand husband Jimi and their two beautiful children aged seven and nine years old.

For more than ten years she has been a well-respected and highly estimated teacher and colleague at Ingrid Jespersen Gymnasieskole in Copenhagen.

Anja has always lived her life actively and healthy, she ran and completed a full marathon just six months before her breast cancer first was discovered in January 2015.

She has been through surgery and since then a long period of treatment, receiving chemo therapy, radiotherapy and anti-hormone therapy. Anja started working again in October 2015.

Just a few weeks ago a PET/CT scan revealed that the cancer is back and this time spreading aggressively to liver, hips, back and bone marrow.

Anja is now following treatment at Herlev Hospital and she continues her treatment here. But simultaneously she is in urgent need of receiving additional treatment and medication that are not covered by health insurance in Denmark and possibly treatment in other countries as well. Among other medications it could be treatment with vitamin C, read more about it here:

Another option is immune-treatment at a clinic in Germany: - both treatments have shown good results but they are very expensive.

We have therefore taken the initiative to this fundraising – obviously with a full consent from Anja and Jimi.

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A huge thanks to all of you who choose to support Anja and her family!


Stine Valentin & Signe Holme

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Signe: +45 60 68 30 12 or Stine: +45 22 73 10 50.

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Hi everybody.

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Please keep sharing this page and donate with what ever little amount possible. Everything counts.

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Signe & Stine