Fundraising ideas

Here you'll find some great inspiration for your next fundraiser. Have a look and get inspired! 


Do you know someone who needs expensive treatment? Or are you facing financial challenges as a result of your own illness? Then start your own fundraiser and raise money to cover the costs.


Everybody has got a wish they hope will come true one day - a trip to DisneyLand, swimming with dolphins, watch the pyramids, a helicopter ride or something completely different. If you know someone who deserves to have their wish come true then start a fundraiser today.


Education can be really expensive that's why we see hundreds of people raise money for their tuition fees and exchange programmes. You can do the same :)

Emergency Aid

Emergency aid refers to help given to populations affected by unpredictable natural disasters or human conflicts. You can start you own fundraiser and share your compassion with the people. 

In memory of

A memorial fundraiser is a beautiful way to celebrate the life of the deceased. The fundraiser can be dedicated to the family or a specific cause.


You can raised funds to help with the costs of pet surgeries for your own pet or those in local animal shelters. You have the power to help them!


The kids are our future and we need to do eveything in our power to help them out. Do you know a kid who needs a helping hand?


Culture is an essential part of any society. Concerts, book publications, dance performances, album recordings, exhibitions, theatre and much more. You can create a fundraiser for the cultural project you are passionate about.


Does your team need new equipment? Are you participating in a tournament abroad? Do you want to support a specific athlete? In the world of sports the possibilities are endless. Start you own fundraiser for a sports related cause today.


Do you need a way to cover the expenses of bringing a child into your family? Start your own fundraiser today. 


So what can you raise money for? The answer is anything! :) We don't have any limitations - it's all up to you.