What do we do?

CAREMAKER makes it super simple to fundraise online for the things that matter to you most. From helping friends in need, creating innovation workshops in developing countries, supporting NGO's, developing a new app, surprising a colleague and anything in between. It's easy to invite family & friends to donate to your important life events, projects & causes.

The idea

The idea behind CAREMAKER was created after our former CEO and CO-Founder, had experienced a long period of cancer thus having to endure chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

He wanted to give something back to all the organizations and institutions that had helped him through his struggles. However, the easiest tool to assist him in this was not present at the time. How do you create a fundraiser? How do you organize it? Who do you contact? All these questions were not easily answered. From this search emerged the idea to create an online platform making it easy and efficient to create a fundraiser for charity or a project.